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5 Rules to a Successful PPC Campaign

If you’ve done paid search before it’s more than likely you’ve felt the exhaustion of losing money on ads that don’t provide results or questioned why it works for others but not for you. It happens a lot. Now it can be a very complex thing to maneuver but there are 5 foundational rules to PPC that can help set you on the right path. 

  1. Organize and Strategize

Typically, if you plan on travelling for vacation to an unknown destination, you take your time and plan out your days. You research restaurants, cool sightseeing areas, hotels etc. in order to make wise use of your time. Similarly, take the time to organize your campaigns. The more you sit down and plan out how you want your campaign set up, the more resources and headaches you’ll save down the road. Organizing your campaigns well from the beginning will allow you a clearer picture of your accounts performance as data starts coming in. It’ll allow you to manage your budgets and bids a lot better and allow you to cut down on any wasted ad spend down the line.

  1. Select the Appropriate Landing Page

Remember that the goal of a landing page is to take visitors to the most appropriate page on your site based on the relevant keyword. If a visitor is looking for green purses, then take them to the green purses instead of your website’s home page. If your visitor has to search through your site just to find what your ad promised it’s highly likely they will end up just clicking out and searching elsewhere. 

  1. Negative Keywords

The reason you run ads is to drive traffic to your website and perform some sort of action like making a purchase or filling out a lead form. So, use negative keywords to filter out any unwanted searchers, unnecessary spending and target your ideal prospect.

If you’re selling new football gear you don’t want to pay for a visitor who’s looking for used football gear as they are less likely to buy your product.

  1. Be Patient

Give your campaign enough time to provide you with the data you need to make the campaigns more effective. Many times, advertisers can grow impatient and shut the campaign down just a week or 2 after launch because they didn’t get the results they wanted, which in some cases is fine if the data justifies it. But allowing your campaigns more time will allow you to build off of the successful items and eliminate the wasteful ones. Be patient and give your campaigns time.

  1. Manage Proactively

While managing your campaigns can seem tedious and you feel like the time can be better spent focusing on another area of your business, it’s a must. People and their tendencies change every day which means the way they search or the social media policies are ever changing so you need to be aware of these things and gather data to actively optimize your campaign. Are you spending too much with little return? Are you not bidding enough? Are some keywords performing better than others? These are some factors that you need to consider and can only find out how they are affecting your campaign if you’re actively managing your campaign. Of course, you also want to give your campaigns enough time to provide you with concrete data, don’t get trigger happy and change your campaign without having given it time to do its thing. 

Running a PPC campaign can be hard and exhausting work but we hope these 5 rules help lay the foundation for a strong campaign. Although these 5 are just some of the many factors that will lead you to success, we’re sure they’ll lead you down the right path.

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