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Manage Your Social, Boost Your Paid

As a business owner it can feel like a waste of time to remind yourself to post a few times a day or engage with every comment on your posts as these activities are not providing any direct profits for your business. However, we’ve been able to see the benefits that managing social media has had on the paid efforts of many businesses. So, let’s take a look at the following 5: 

1. Make a Good First Impression

2. Bring Your Brand to Life

3. Provide Creative for your Ads

4. Grow Your Audience

5. Increase Conversions

Making a Good First Impression

Such as in life when meeting new people, you want to make a good first impression. So treat your business social media page almost as you would a dating profile. If you’re trying to find that special someone then you would do everything you can to cater to them. You would make sure you select the best picture of yourself for the profile picture and some of your favorite photos of yourself that make you look appealing for the albums. In the description you would lay out reasons as to why you’re a dateable person and fun to hang out with etc. 

Likewise, you want to make sure your profile picture and cover photos are high quality images. If you have a logo, have that preferably as your profile picture. Make sure the “About” section of your profile is completely filled out and detailed with information about your company so that any visitors can learn about you without having to leave your page.

Be engaging with your comments section and respond to as many comments as possible. Reply to reviews left, even the negative ones! This helps others see that you care enough about your customers to respond in a timely manner and troubleshoot any issues. Be as responsive as possible to your DMs. Try to reply within the hour as this helps with your responsiveness ranking which not only makes the algorithm favor your profile but also shows new prospects you’re trustworthy and willing to help quickly.

Bring Your Brand to Life

There are millions of brands active on social media and the ones who succeed are the ones who stand out and stay “top of mind” so this means you need to do the same. Posting to your social media accounts adds a sense of personality and relevance to your brand. When someone sees your ad it can spark an interest in wanting to learn more about your business so in turn they’ll go and check out your social media page. 

Make sure people know that there is a person behind the content. So try posting in the first person, including clips or images of your team working or livestream certain events. 

To keep your audience engaged, post twice a day and to benefit your paid campaigns post organic content at least 3 times per week. Posting to your story Daily can help you stay relevant in your customers minds as they flip through their stories daily. 

Provide Creative for your Ads

The key here is to make sure you’re choosing quality over quantity when posting. That’s because a lot of your social media posts can be repurposed for your Ads. On Facebook you can boost existing posts to reach a wider audience and on Instagram you can add different text overlays to your Stories for a more organic feel which you can then download and use to create Stories-optimized ad content.

Grow Your Audience

Facebook and Instagram algorithms favor profiles with engaging content with tons of interactions. When posting on Instagram you can use hashtags relevant to your post in order for those searching that hashtag to be able to find your account more frequently. Remember to post with intent and strategy, try to find out what time of day your audience is most active on social media and post on those times and remember to vary with the types of content you post. 

Increase Conversions

Take a look at your Instagram and Facebook profiles and optimize your content accordingly to provide a more seamless user experience. Remember that many times people buy with their eyes first so it may take only a few looks around your page before people decide to convert to your product or service.

With these five points in mind make sure you optimize and improve your organic social media content to boost your paid efforts.

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