Your Customer Persona

As an agency, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to obtain clients and wondering why you’re unsuccessful in doing so. Many times, the focus is on the strategy and the how but not so much the Who. One of the most important things in growing a successful business is understanding who your ideal client is and targeting them. So, let’s look into your Customer Persona and how you can use this to gain more clients.

What is your Customer Persona? Well, it’s essentially a fictional character that you make up with a backstory and that highlights specific characteristics and traits that pertain to your ideal customer. Having a Customer Persona can have many benefits to your business so let’s go over what some of these are: Effective Communication, Targeted Marketing, Reduce Ad Spend, and a more Structured Content Development.

Effective Communication: Having a Customer Persona can help build the relationship between your business and your client. Being able to relate to and know your clients’ interests and Language can help maximize your customer engagement with your content.

Targeted Marketing: Having a Customer Persona can help you build more effective marketing strategies. Knowing things such as your ideal clients age, gender, location and more will help filter out any unwanted data.

Reduce Ad Spend: Just as it helps you create effective target marketing campaigns it also helps you reduce your ad spend by not wasting resources on lower quality leads.

Structured Content Development – Understanding what aches and interests your clients have helps you develop content that will be more engaging and insightful to your audience.

Developing your Customer Persona isn’t done by following a set of rules as it can change depending on the type of business you run. If you have a business with many products, you can build multiple personas for each product whereas if you’re a smaller business with a sole product or service you may have one persona that focuses on your ideal client. However, you can use two methods to help you gather data to build your Customer Persona.

The Qualitative method focuses on a more traditional approach which focuses on the “Why”. By simply surveying or interviewing your clients you’re able to gather valuable information as to why they engage with your content or use your service/product.

The Quantitative method can provide a little more insight into your clients’ behavior by providing the What, When and How. Using tools like Google Analytics can help you make accurate predictions on your client’s behavior. 

If you’re still a bit confused about what a Customer Persona is or looks like. Here is an example: 

Name: Harry (Male)

Harry is a 30-year-old who lives in Dallas, Texas. He speaks English and Spanish and his interests include playing sports and attending art museums. He uses his mobile phone for everything from using social media to making purchases. He is most likely to purchase products or services related to Interior Design and Sports.

So now that you know what a Customer Persona is, what it looks like and how to build one go ahead and get started to help get the best results for your marketing campaigns!

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