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Building Valuable Client Relationships

Whether you’re a small service-based business or a larger marketing agency, one of the most important aspects of making it successful is building good client relationships. Building trust with your clients not only allows for more referrals but also consistent revenue as they are most likely to stick around for longer periods of time. Although there is no 100% accurate way of establishing good client relationships, there are a few things you can do to build rapport, trust and ensure that your clients enjoy their experience with you. 

First Impressions

The first few days of your client relationship are probably the most crucial to building rapport and trust. Just as when you go on a first date, you may feel that the date went well and are excited to see the other person again but what happens if they take too long to respond to your messages or phone calls? You might lose interest because you feel that they’ve lost interest, so what once seemed promising now feels like it was a waste of time and probably one of those bad experiences you’ll share with your friends. The same applies to your client relationship, you want to make sure you treat them like gold those first few days and build that trust. Heres how you can do that:

  • Listen and Take Notes: Clients want to be heard. They want to feel like you’ve listened to their pain points and know their goals. So, do just that. Listen to the client and understand what ails them and what it is they’re trying to achieve and make sure you take detailed notes on these points. You can also talk about and take notes on other things like they’re favorite sports teams, favorite music or restaurants in the area etc. talking about these things helps them feel more comfortable and relaxed as now they know they can talk to you about anything and the relationship feels easier going.
  • Take the Initiative – It happens so commonly that businesses get ghosted by potential clients. The truth of the matter is that they may also be talking with your competitors. So, follow up first. At the end of every call be sure to lay out the next steps. This helps give them a sense of direction so that they aren’t stuck in limbo and set a date and time to call them and follow up on their progress. This lets them know you’re serious about getting their business and that they can count on you to get things done.
  • Learn to Say No – Not all money is good money. Not all clients will be a good fit for you and many times You won’t be a good fit for Them. So, it important that you learn when to turn down a client if you know you can’t help them. Something you can do is refer them to another business that will meet their needs. This helps build that trust that you heard their concerns and goals and understand who and what they need to help them achieve those goals. In turn they might come back to you when they have a concern you can help with or refer others to you.

Adapt to Your Clients

Everyone has different ways of communicating. Some people hate phone calls and prefer texting, others prefer face-to-face or video conference calls. It’s important to decipher what form of communication they prefer, otherwise asking a client to get on a call constantly will end up annoying them. 

Keep it Simple

Although clients are hiring you to help them fix a problem or get them to a certain point, they have to understand that they’ll need to put in some work as well. However, make sure the tasks assigned to them and the time allocated to complete these tasks is both reasonable and simple. Remember they also have other business matters to tend to so take on as many tasks as you can and have them help with little things.

While these points won’t fully ensure that you have a great client relationship as it depends on the individual person, they can definitely help you lay the base to grow and build relationships that will last.

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