Landing the Ideal Client

In really any industry of work, you’re going to come across clients that just don’t seem to be worth your time or energy. It’s those clients that make you dread going into work the next day knowing they are on the agenda and those clients that make you let out those loud and audible sighs when their names pop up on your phone. One of the biggest questions we have is, how do you deal with a bad client? Well, we’ll talk about that in our next post. Now, we’re going to talk about how you can prevent this from even happening. How can you successfully continue to select the perfect clients for you? Here are some tips that may help you.

  1. Don’t Chase the Money, Chase the Relationship – One of the biggest mistakes agency owners make is accepting any offer to work with a client because of the money. When truly, what matters is the relationship. Remember, these clients are people you want around for the long haul. You want them to come back for additional services, to give you testimonials and refer you to others. When you start to view these opportunities as relationship builders instead of money makers, you’ll be able to decipher who’s a good fit more successfully.
  1. Set a Criteria – Understand what it is YOU need first, before even getting on the call with a client. What I mean is this, Will this client help your business? Will this client be excited about your service? Will this project be able to be completed within a certain budget and time frame? These are some questions you can ask yourself and be strict about whether they meet your criteria. Remember that taking on a client affects those who work with you and under you, so, be selective.
  1. Trust Your Gut – Like in many things in life, if the opportunity seems to good to be true then it probably is. If you leave every meeting with an inkling of doubt or nerves, you should probably cut ties. Every company has set out to make themselves look like the cream of the crop but without having seen it yourself it can be difficult to understand who they truly are. So trust your gut and cut ties at the first sign of something not feeling right.
  1. Communicate Clearly from the Jump – After the very first meeting you should already have a clear understanding of:
  • What your clients goals are.
  • What time frame the job needs to be done in.
  • Is there a budget? If so, what is it? 
  • Who calls the shots on their end?
  • What they define as a successful end to the project.
  • What is acceptable behavior and what’s not.

These things must be talked about and understood clearly by everyone involved from the jump. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time if you don’t know what the client wants and who your point of contact is.

  1. Team > Clients – When you put your team above your clients you create an environment of loyalty and trust amongst your business. Remember that no matter how great a client may seem or how much money they may bring to the table, your team is with you for years and the client is with you for months. Does this client seem too demanding? Will they stress your team out with demands outside of the scope of what was discussed? Do they seem to get annoyed or irritated easily? Do they micromanage? These are things that could affect your team and the overall essence of your business once they take their toll. So, understand what your team needs first and you’ll successfully land better clients.

Finding the ideal client may seem like a tough task at first. If you’re a smaller business owner that’s just getting started you may be inclined to take the first client that agrees to work with you. But remember that not all clients are a good fit, follow these 5 rules and you’ll thank yourself later.

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