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How to Improve Customer Perception

Thanks in large part to the Internet, we have reached a turning point in human history.

Constant connectivity. The constant advancement of technology. The environment of the know-it-all. All of this changes the way people perceive a company or a brand. In some cases, our perceptions are influenced by what people say: recommendations from friends, online reviews, tweets, and Facebook rants. In other cases, it’s our own experiences, both online and offline, that shape how we think about a brand.

When you’re in a customer success role, you have a voice in conversations about your product or service. You can make these discussions and reviews work for you, not against you. Because at the end of the day, positive customer perceptions are heavily influenced by the quality of the services you provide.

Customer perception refers to the customer’s opinion of your business or products. Summarize what customers think of your brand, including direct or indirect experiences they’ve had with your business. By monitoring customer insight, your businesses can identify common user issues and improve the customer journey.

To measure customer perception, you need to collect various qualitative and quantitative data about customers. You can refer to resources such as product usage reports or customer interviews to gain an accurate view of customer perceptions .

Why is customer perception important?

According to a recent survey, one in three customers will leave a brand they love after just one bad experience. In other words, we’re not far from a world where your customers’ perception of your brand and quality of service could take precedence over traditional competitive advantages like price, features, or ease of use. And if you don’t invest in your customers’ experience and insights now, you risk being left behind.

 Many organizations are already evaluating their service and support efforts, with 50% of account managers ranking “investing in new technology” as one of their top priorities over the next five years, according to McKinsey. Now that we know why customer perception is important, let’s look at several ways to improve it and keep it in your business.

8 ways to improve customer perception

  1. Look Inward.
  2. Strike an emotional nerve with your customers.
  3. Use positive language.
  4. Commit to consistency.
  5. Fill in knowledge gaps before they become obvious.
  6. Break down data silos.
  7. Collect customer feedback.
  8. Follow up with customers after each interaction


Create a positive customer perception

What customers expect of our brand or product is constantly changing and the bar is constantly raising. They want to take the complexity out of solving your problem, and they want you to know when it’s appropriate to balance automation and human assistance.

If you don’t recognize this change, you can expect your brand perception to suffer. But if you point the wheels back in the right direction and emphasize the importance of that perceived experience with your brand, we think you’ll like the result.

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