By analyzing huge quantities of user information, market data, and social media sentiments, marketers can forecast upcoming trends in the industry faster than their competitors. Data analytics is the process of storing, organizing, and analyzing raw data to answer questions or gain important insights. Data analytics is integral to business because it allows leadership to create evidence-based strategy, understand customers to better target marketing initiatives, and increase overall productivity. Companies that take advantage of data analytics reap a competitive advantage because they are able to make faster changes that increase revenue, lower costs, and spur innovation


The growth of big data analytics offers advertisers new opportunities for forecasting trends and solving ongoing challenges. Embrace the power of big data to analyze real-time data and customer insights and create targeted advertising and content that hits the mark with your audience. To plan, manage and optimize their marketing campaigns, professional marketers use three types of analytic models. Using the right analytics tools lets you track your marketing campaign performance in real-time, which helps your company to be nimbler at refining strategies and optimizing campaigns


Predictive analytics helps marketers understand consumer behaviors and trends, predict future shifts, and plan their campaigns accordingly. There are many benefits to predictive analytics that advertisers would be wise to use when developing their marketing strategy. Data analytics helps businesses be more efficient, by removing the guesswork from marketing strategy and generating optimal value from a company’s marketing budget. By analyzing customer trends, monitoring online shopping, and evaluating point-of-sale transactional data, marketers can create customized advertising to reach new or evolving consumer segments and increase the

efficiency of overall marketing efforts.

In marketing, data analytics is the practice of gathering and analyzing data, from various digital sources, to gain actionable insights into a company’s digital marketing strategies. Forbes Agency Council is an invitation-only community for executives in successful public relations, media strategy, creative and advertising agencies. To be successful in digital marketing analytics yourself, you’ll certainly need statistical analysis and data visualization skills, and also creative skills such as copywriting, content strategy and storytelling, to communicate your findings effectively. Prescriptive analytics uses both descriptive and predictive analytics and is often based on artificial intelligence

and machine learning.

Together, these analytic models form a complete picture of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and how each company can achieve its desired results more efficiently. Designed for working professionals, the William %26 Mary Online Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program is centered around business acumen, math modeling, computing technologies (specifically, popular data analytics languages R and Python) and communicating with impact. The Certificate in Data Analytics at Penn LPS Online is a 4-course program designed to provide you with a point of entry to gain expertise in the field of data analytics. You can use the insights to design marketing strategies, attract new customers, keep existing customers, discover which marketing campaigns are underperforming and focus on your most successful products



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