Marketing analytics allows the ability to forecast how many new leads, opportunities, and customers marketing will yield in future periods. That’s because it tracks where prospects are in each revenue cycle stage and how likely they are to move through each stage over time. Marketing analytics is the process of tracking and analyzing data from marketing efforts, often to reach a quantitative goal. Insights gleaned from marketing analytics can enable organizations to improve their customer experiences, increase the return on investment (ROI) of marketing efforts, and craft future marketing strategies


Marketing analytics is the practice of measuring, managing and analyzing marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI). Understanding marketing analytics allows marketers to be more efficient at their jobs and minimize wasted web marketing dollars. B2C marketing involves appealing to a customer’s emotional reaction with the transactional goal of them purchasing your product or service. Analyzing how customers interact with different email promotions can help businesses target their email marketing and tailor their messages to meet customer expectations and needs


Specifically, when acted upon, marketing analytics can lead to better supply and demand planning, price optimization, and robust lead nurturing and management — all of which leads to greater profitability. These important concepts within marketing analytics can mean the difference between an average marketing team and one that truly excels in research, planning, and execution. In search marketing in particular, one of the most powerful marketing performance metrics comes in the form of keywords. In short, every marketer can benefit from using data analytics in marketing if they take the right actions based on marketing analytics information


They should be using as many of those as are appropriate to improve marketing activities and plans every day. ROI calculations can determine which marketing efforts drive the most sales and prove projects’ value. Marketing analytics gives marketers the insights they need to plan successful campaigns and carry out activities that will help them reach their strategic goals. Whether you work with marketers or are one yourself, it’s important to be familiar with the basics of marketing analytics and how it can inform your organization

‘s decisions.

Learn why SAS is the world’s most trusted analytics platform, and why analysts, customers and industry experts love SAS. Saying that Jenn Chase, SAS Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, is customer obsessed is an understatement. By using mobile app data and machine learning to personalize marketing campaigns, the Magic continues to outscore the league average in fan experience and improve their year-over-year satisfaction scores. On the other hand, B2B marketing involves building brand recognition and relationships that can turn into leads to generate sales.

You can also manually analyze data by exporting datasets into Microsoft Excel or another statistical program, create visual representations of it using graph or chart functions, and run regressions and other analytical tests.


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