Boost any post to turn it into an ad. These ads appear in users’ feeds, Stories, and explore pages in the same format as organic content from other Instagram accounts. Once you create a new campaign, the first step to creating an Instagram ad is to choose your objective. With so many Instagram ad types to choose from, you can experiment to find the right combination of visuals and messaging that resonates best with your target audience.

If you’re looking to get more out of your Instagram marketing, it’s time you tried Instagram advertising.

How much do ads cost on Instagram?

Now that we’ve reviewed the different types of ads and many of the factors that can affect how much Instagram ads costs, you might feel more prepared to set a budget for your Instagram advertising. It is always better to use automatic bidding for better results, especially when your ad placements are targeting the two social platforms (Facebook and Instagram). Similar to Facebook Ads, your ads will run within the selected time frame, budget parameters, audience selection, and optimization goals. While it’s better, it’s still wise to pay to play in order to expand your reach and visibility with paid ads.

Do Instagram ads really work?

When you’re aware of the long-term benefits of Instagram marketing, and plan your advertising to take advantage of them, you get the most out of the platform. When you follow these tips, you’re giving your ads the best possible chance to move your business forward. Check out what else your audience is interacting with to get a better sense of what kind of content they respond to. They put all the specifics of their offering in one simple graphic to attract exactly the people who are interested in their product.

Instagram shopping ads are an interactive option for showcasing your products, either in the Instagram feed or in the explore section of Instagram.

How do I run ads on Instagram?

Instagram provides a platform to tell visual stories through various ad formats, and many advertisers have seen this channel yielding higher ROI in comparison to their other advertising campaigns. Instagram advertising is a method of paying to post sponsored content on the Instagram platform to reach a larger and more targeted audience. This is your most standard ad format, and likely the one you see most often scrolling through your own feed. Promoting a contest or giveaway is by far one of the most effective ways to reach your goals faster with Instagram advertising.

Once you’ve configured your audience, Facebook will also provide you with a guide to how specific or broad your audience is (like the one below). So you’re running paid search and display ads through Google, you’re advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even some niche industry-related social sites.

How much does an Instagram cost per month?

Some companies say there are actually 7 types of Instagram ads because they include Explore and Reel ads but those are not options you can select yourself. However, if you want a baseline Instagram CPM target, use our Instagram ad costs charts above with the same campaign objective you typically run to get an average. Instagram advertisements are designed for specific audiences and may be adjusted to fit the needs of any company. In addition to assessing the expense of Instagram and Facebook Ads, it’s important to look at each platform’s demographics.

When you set up a Facebook ad campaign for Instagram ads, you have access to many tools and settings to help control your Instagram ad costs.


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