One common way to collect data is through surveys. Surveys can be administered in person, by mail, or—most commonly these days—online. They are typically used to collect demographic information or gather opinions from a large group of people. Company Records and Social Media Email tracking is another method.

With this, companies don’t just learn that a recipient has opened an email, but also where it was opened and on what device. Over 40% of emails sent around the world are tracked, according to WIRED. Similarly, apps embedded with third-party “trackers” are also a source of customer data. Although some of this data is analyzed to better understand how apps are used, much of it is also used for targeted advertising, behavioral analytics, and location tracking.

More than three in four Android apps contain at least one third-party tracker, according to research from Exodus Privacy and Yale Privacy Lab. Digital marketing is different for every business and the last thing you want is to have to repeat the process every time you replace your digital marketing agency. If you do, one of the main items for thought is that you should never let the marketer collect your data by using a marketing platform account that is owned by their business, rather than yours. Partnering with a media buying agency like Blue Onion Media creates an optimal situation for your creative agency to provide the most effective media buying and planning strategy for each unique client and campaign


Since data-driven marketers use data to understand customers, create personalized experiences, and measure the success of their marketing campaigns, there are a few tasks you would need to perform to help create a data-driven marketing strategy for each of your clients. Marketing data can be used to profile customers and therefore build new products for them, although other types of marketing data can also assist you in selling those new products. Eventually, you will need to provide your digital marketing agency with access to your advertising accounts, however, you should always ensure that you’re doing it in a way that will protect the interests of your business. Every marketer knows it’s important to base campaign strategy on hard data like demographics, shopping habits and predictive


You’ve left your marketing agency, this can lead to issues when they created the accounts for you and effectively own your marketing data as a result. The ability to get a customer’s message to resonate with the appropriate target market is a key goal and measure of success for creative agencies. By understanding customer behavior, marketers can identify new markets to target or new products to develop. When taking on a new client, the user was surprised to learn that the customer’s previous agency was not going to hand over any historical data to the new agency by refusing to give Dannanelli access to the Google Analytics account when the handover

was completed.

Digital marketing analytics provides a wide variety of data for eCommerce businesses, and Social Media analytics that deliver tons of cross-channel marketing insights for all of your clients’ campaigns. This means that the agency will use data to determine which marketing channels are most effective, what messaging is most effective, and who their target audience is. By understanding customers better, marketers can create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns. Creative agencies that specialize in developing killer marketing messages for their clients should continue to focus on this service.


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