To best understand how this process works please watch the video below. 



Step 1: Create a google sheet from this template (click here for the template)

Step 2: Copy this code and paste it into a text editor.


const sheetId = “GOOGLE SHEET ID HERE”;
<script src=””>



Step 3: Replace the Google sheets ID in the script, please only copy the highlighted section. NOT THE FULL URL.

Paste that into the section of the script that says “Your GOOGLE SHEET ID HERE (not url)” but do not delete the quotations.

Step 4: Paste the code into the Java Script section of your Company settings in GoHighLevel.

Step 5: Paste this little code into the CSS section. It will make the old dashboard less likely to “flash” before this one loads.


/* BEGIN – Consolidata CSS */ section > section > section.hl_dashboard, section > { visibility: hidden; } /* END – Consolidata CSS */


Step 6: Now, all you have to do is add your Consolidata share link in the sheet and attach a location ID to the sheet. If you wish to turn the Dashboard off just type “off” in the status and it will turn off and revert back to the default dashboard.

Please remember this is a temporary patch to get us through the month.