Visualization is the process of illustrating your data using charts and graphs. There’s a variety of ways you can visualize your data, both manually and automatically. Without context, a raw data stream is open to misinterpretation and false conclusions. For example, COVID-19 vaccination information is being eagerly watched right now


Someone using that data without documentation could easily come to incorrect conclusions about whether the data covered individual injections (even if they were for one person) or was counting individuals needing two injections as one. Let’s say you’re a marketer for a B2C skincare company, and you want to create a marketing analytics dashboard to display user acquisition performance. Investing in marketing analytics can give companies a huge leg up against competitors, and it can help them innovate faster across the entire organization. In this introduction to marketing data visualization, we’ll define and discover the many different ways charts, bars, and graphs are utilized with specific audiences to elicit desired reactions, and how client reporting on NinjaCat helps agencies build dashboards and reports that look good and tell

a compelling story worth investing in.

Agencies and clients alike have a vested interest in making marketing performance data easier to understand, more comprehensive, centralized, and strategically reliable enough to guide decisions. We put together a collection of Free Tableau Tableau Templates — so that you can view your marketing analytics reports with ease. In a nutshell, Improvado aggregates all of your marketing data into one unified source that’s easy to access, helps you visualize your data, and shows you exactly how your marketing campaigns are influencing your business goals. Whether you have dedicated marketing reporting software, or you manually create your client reports each month, most agencies already have a reporting process in place.

Before implementing marketing analytics and getting insights from your data, you must understand the challenges you’re solving with analytics. Marketing analytics is a process of measuring and analyzing the performance of your marketing activities in order to scale what works and fix what’s wrong. So, what exactly is marketing analytics? Essentially, it’s the practice of measuring and analyzing the performance of your marketing programs in order to gauge progress and success. It’s increasingly important for marketers to take advantage of analytics in order to stay competitive and get ahead in today’s business landscape.

The new decade is coming, and many marketers are still wavering on the benefits of data and analytics. Whether you choose to handle your marketing data management internally or externally, it’s important to remember the limitations that data harvesting from multiple martech platforms can impose on agencies and their reporting timelines. Modern agencies should choose marketing reporting software that’s not only built to help save time, but provides access to the highest data quality available



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