You also have the option to select which filters you want to compare for each company, Charts. Charts are another great way to visually represent data in a concise manner. Graphs use lines and segments to display data over time. The key to effective marketing data visualization is curation; not every graph and chart is required


A dashboard can look busy with dials and widgets, while failing to capture the true progress of campaigns, or measure current business results. In this introduction to marketing data visualization, we’ll define and discover the many different ways charts, bars, and graphs are utilized with specific audiences to elicit desired reactions, and how client reporting on NinjaCat helps agencies build dashboards and reports that look good and tell a compelling story worth investing in. Whether you have dedicated marketing reporting software, or you manually create your client reports each month, most agencies already have a reporting process in place. Marketers are often tasked with reporting on metrics from different marketing platforms that have unique names but effectively mean the same thing


Many agencies or marketers who use ETL-type tools or even custom-built facilities don’t easily have access to their data. Whether you choose to handle your marketing data management internally or externally, it’s important to remember the limitations that data harvesting from multiple martech platforms can impose on agencies and their reporting timelines. Clients and stakeholders

(s) allowing them to review campaign performance against the marketing plan and revise marketing strategy, if needed. Modern agencies should choose marketing reporting software that’s not only built to help save time, but provides access to the highest data quality available


This might not be intentional, but the marketing analytics team needs to be careful while studying the graphs and be aware of misleading ones. Agencies and clients alike have a vested interest in making marketing performance data easier to understand, more comprehensive, centralized, and strategically reliable enough to guide decisions. To do data analysis and create marketing data visualizations, marketers need to gather data from many sources. Information gathered from sources such as Google Analytics or social media insights gives your marketing team direction and can lead to more effective campaigns.


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