Similarly, PeopleFinderFree uses customer data to improve customer experience. Eden Cheng explains, “at PeopleFinderFree, we only have access to a little information about our customers to ensure their privacy. For example, we can see how many searches were performed by a person, for which places these searches were, how much time one spent on our site, account idle time for non-active users, and so on. Sometimes just letting your customers know that you’re listening to them can be a huge boon to business, especially when data tells us that 58% of customers would leave a company if they don’t get the support

they expect.

That’s why it’s always important to close the customer feedback loop by sending a message once a problem has been solved. This will let your customers know that they’ve been heard. Follow this 5-step process for customer analysis and get the results you need for top-of-class, data-driven decisions. As a marketing team, you can break this data into customer, operational, and financial categories to drive marketing campaigns.

While 59 percent of marketing teams claim to be highly data-driven, even performance marketers and analysts within these teams struggle to make sense of their piling data. Of course, knowing how to approach the marketing data analysis process is half the battle but relevant marketing data analysis tools will help take your marketing initiatives to the next level. You need to basically understand how these variables are influencing your marketing campaigns and keep track of your most valuable marketing metrics at all times. These methods include analyzing first-party data (such as CRM or Marketing data), focus groups, interviews, market data, existing customer feedback, and more


We also asked about the methods they use to source customer data and learned that online tracking is the most widely used method followed closely by leveraging online marketing analytics. Along with solutions for greater control over your marketing performance, consider the following six tips on how to analyze your marketing data. When using web analytics tools such as Google Analytics or the tools available in your advertising platform, you’ll find some data readily available and accessible



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