These measures include sales revenue and growth, cost per lead, conversion rate, lifetime value of a customer, return on marketing spend, and more. This metric tells you how much you earned from ads in comparison to how much you spent on them. Low ROAS indicates a need to make improvements to your ad campaign. The primary objectives of a marketing agency would be to build brands, create visibility for those brands, inspire audiences to reach out, generate leads for the clients, communicate with the leads through various channels and push them towards sales conversion.

Engagement rate is one of the most important marketing KPIs for measuring the impact of your social media marketing initiatives. Sales qualified leads are among the digital marketing measurement metrics that are crucial for your marketing agency. Net Promoter Score is among those few digital marketing measurement metrics that measure customers’ perception of the brands that your marketing agency works with. This is where one of the important digital marketing measurement metrics comes into play, namely marketing qualified leads.

However, unlike marketing qualified leads that merely show interest in your marketing communication, the brand and the products that you are marketing, sales qualified leads also show interest in purchasing the products. In a highly competitive marketing agency landscape, you need to have an undeterred focus on finances, effectiveness of the campaigns, performance and profitability in order to succeed and grow. Alternatively, you can decide if it’s better to shift your digital marketing budget to other marketing channels where your campaigns perform better. Thus, a proper way to measure campaign marketing performance is first to define marketing goals and build a holistic digital marketing strategy in sync.

Marketing metrics are the quantitative measures with which marketing agencies track, measure, and analyze their business performance and the effectiveness of their marketing activities. This numbers-driven management method has created a paradigm shift in how marketing agencies can measure success, growth and performance. When you work with a performance marketing agency like Valve+Meter, you get a new strategy and direction where tests are deployed to find the most repeatable and scalable opportunities. However, given how complex the digital marketing realm has turned today and the fact that it requires multichannel campaign approaches, this can imply juggling mind boggling volumes of

marketing metrics and KPIs.

Marketing agencies measure their success by the performance of their financial KPIs and metrics related to the performance of their marketing campaigns.


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