A customer’s Facebook ad with a CTR of 15%? Fantastic. Is a 100% year-on-year increase in revenue for your client’s website as a result of your SEO strategy? Even better. These measures include sales revenue and growth, cost per lead, conversion rate, lifetime value of a customer, return on marketing spend, and more. Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, are metrics used to measure progress toward a specific goal


For marketing agencies, this could be something like improving Conversion Rate by a certain percent, reducing Cost Per Acquisition by a certain amount, or getting into the top 10 SERP for target keywords. Whatever the goal is and it can be almost anything, depending on the project you’re working on, or the specific needs or goals of your client it needs to be something that can be measured quantitively and tracked over time. With advanced tracking mechanisms, marketers can now target their marketing more effectively by accelerating activities, which are proving more valuable. Use this marketing automation dashboard to streamline your marketing efforts and make them more effective


Granted, it doesn’t have a direct ROI—but it’s bound to stand your marketing agency in good stead for the future. Return on marketing investment measures the revenue a marketing campaign generates compared to the cost of running the campaign. Marketers most commonly use UTM tracking codes to measure referral tracing and can gain comprehensive insights from Google Analytics or other custom analytical solutions. It’s important to track KPIs for your marketing agency to judge the current (and future) state of your business


According to Google, 89% of leading marketers use metrics like customer lifetime value (CLV), gross revenue, or market share to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Marketing KPIs can help you to clarify the entire process of developing, executing and analyzing your marketing campaigns. Marketing metrics are measurable values that help marketers access the impact of campaigns and content across all marketing channels. When you work with a performance marketing agency like Valve+Meter, you get a new strategy and direction where tests are deployed to find the most repeatable

and scalable opportunities.

The sheer number of marketing campaigns and collaterals make it difficult for markets to stay on top of every individual campaign. While historically, art dominated marketing, digital channels, platforms and significant advances in technology ushered in the era of data-driven marketing or the science of marketing. Not only that, but improving your retention rate could save your marketing agency money—and reduce the revenue you’ll need to generate to make a profit. Marketing is continually changing and evolving, and the team of marketing experts at Valve+Meter Performance Marketing understands how to leverage marketing strategies to drive true

business value.

The cost per lead metric is a vital metric for marketers looking to rationalize their marketing spend and monitor individual campaigns.


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