One question that I have been getting asked is “doesn’t GoHighLevel already have a dashboard?”

In this article I will explain what makes Consolidata different and why I believe even with all the amazing tools that GoHighLevel has to offer… Consolidata is still a must have in your tool box. This will be a 3 part series blog focused on Design, Function, & Experience.


I can’t tell you how often someone see’s our white labeled version of GHL and they say “wait… is this GoHighLevel?” or the spit out another white labeled GHL’s name.

It’s the first thing they see. All it takes is once glance at the layout and that funnel and they are already feeling a flashback.

The reality is every business is unique in that their KPI’s (Key performance indicators) are different. And your brand should come through clearly in their Dashboard.

For instance, if you are selling to Realtors you might want your Dashboard to say: Seller Leads, Buyer Leads, Showings, Listings, Closings, Etc…

Right now the only way to accomplish this within GHL would be to name your pipeline stages this and let it reflect on the funnel graph. But then it’s not truly a funnel graph tracking the flow from a particular lead source.

You could also do this potentially through changing CSS and adding a little Java. But there are two problems we found with this method: 1) It requires knowing code or hiring someone. 2) All it takes is GHL to push an update and all your code breaks!

So how have we solved this problem?

We have done so by creating a drag and drop dashboard building. It connects to all your GHL data so that it still integrates seamlessly. But won’t this still break every time GHL pushes an update?

Nope, we have written a script that will wipe all the elements of a GHL Dashboard off the screen completely. We then throw ours in with an iFrame.

Very soon Consolidata has a feature launching that will check for new sub-locations every few seconds in your GHL. As soon as a new sub-location is created it will create a dashboard from your templates, automatically pair up the data points, and replace your new customers dashboard with ours.

This will be done 100% on auto-pilot.

Ok, so aside from design and appeal why else would you want our Dashboard?

In the next Article we will discuss the functions that set us apart. Subscribe to our blog to learn more.

Ross Christifulli

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